CUSTOMIZABLE JuiceBox™ - a High-Power Level 2 EV Charging Station - up to 60A / 15kW!

$498.00 each
JB input cable
J1772 output cable

Wi-Fi (Installed & Tested)Information
JuiceBox™ Adapters & Input CablesInformation
14-50 rainproof outdoor outlet for JuiceBox™Information
Mounting Bracket for Base JuiceBox ONLYInformation
J1772 Plug Holder - Angled Entry and Cable ManagementInformation
J1772 extension 50A 20-foot cable for our JuiceBox™ or any level 2 charging stationInformation
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CUSTOMIZABLE JuiceBoxTM- a High-Power Level 2 EV Charging Station - up to 60A / 15kW!

Order via phone: (650) 388-0019, 10AM to 6PM pacific time.

* JuiceBox needs input and output cables to operate. Unless you have your own cables you want to use, you will need to ADD input and output J1772 cables to your order using the above selection dropdowns

* No order modifications are possible after your order enters production (typically withing 1-2 days from your order)

* All JuiceBox orders carry a one year manufacturers' warranty if they are ordered with a J1772 output cable

* JuiceBox units ordered with our 50-60A J1772 cable can operate up to 50A with our input cable - to operate beyond that amperage, you will need to hard-wire your JuiceBox

* Need a longer input cable? We can extend your input cable - see the input extension product in the related product section below. Remember to order the default input cable here as well as the extension, unless you only want raw cable coming from your unit with no 14-50P. 

Questions? Or prefer to order over the phone? Please call (650) 388-0019, 10AM to 6PM pacific time.


Product Description

Our JuiceBox is ready to plug into any NEMA 14-50 outlet (given input cable is ordered), and it works with all production EVs on the road today. It offers faster charging at a much lower price than any of our competitors.

It is perfect for customers who might have a more powerful onboard charger in their vehicle or who wish to future-proof their installation. JuiceBox is small and lightweight, and can be removed in seconds from the mounting bracket for road trips. JuiceBox is Indoor/Outdoor rated.

  1. More power for the money than any other charging station
  2. Can be used with any power source: Plugs into a dryer, RV-type or regular wall outlet with available adapters. Save hundreds of dollars on installation - just install a simple 14-50R outlet and you are ready to plug in your JuiceBox
  3. Great for both residential or on-the-road charging: JuiceBox can be removed from the mounting bracket in seconds if you wish to take it with you as a portable charging option. Juicebox is just 11"x7"x3" and weighs ~15lbs with cables.
  4. Cable management included: keep your charging cord neatly stowed with a handy cable and plug holder
  5. Indoor and Outdoor rated: watch the EVSE Ice Bucket Challenge by Electric Motor Werks (it's worth it!)
  6.  from domestic and imported parts

Please note that your JuiceBox label may deviate from the one below, based on your J1772 cable selection.


Additionally, WiFi (or JuiceBoxTM Pro) grants you more features:

  1. Advanced Energy Metering
    1. Energy, Voltage & Current measurements with 0.2% precision
    2. Persistent storage of energy data (data survives power interruption)
  1. Built-in WiFi connects your JuiceBox Pro to our servers and unlocks a host of advanced EVSE management features:
    1. Get access to your real-time and historical charging data on our website or through our beautiful SmartPhone App - Android installation link here. Please note that we do not include a smartphone with JuiceBox Pro at the moment.
    2. Control your JuiceBox from anywhere in the world, dynamically changing charging current and time-of-use schedule
    3. Set up ~10 different automatic notifications, including: time-of-use in effect, start of charge, end of charge, unit offline, unit back online, car not plugged in by certain time in the evening, etc. - Access Our JuiceBox Control Room here
    4. Ensure your JuiceBox keeps correct time via automatic network sync

Please note that your JuiceBox label may deviate from the one below, based on your J1772 cable selection.


How to order:

  1. JuiceBox Assembled Chassis will be selected at top by default.
  2. Next, select your desired output cable (J1772 cable). This will complete your fully assembled, tested and warrantied JuiceBox.
  3. Next dropdown, select whether you want to add a standard 6-foot input cable with a 14-50P plug (also known as RV 50A) - this is our input cable, and will work with all of our adapters. Comes fully assembled.
  4. Next, select if you want WiFi added to your JuiceBox (JuiceBox Pro)
  5. Next, select if you want any input adapters
  6. Next, select if you want a matching 14-50 outlet for your JuiceBox installation
  7. Next, select if you want a "Kiss My Amps" License plate frame.
  8. Next, select if you want an extra mounting bracket for your JuiceBox
  9. Next, select if you want an extra J1772 cable moung for your JuiceBox
  10. Finally, select if you want a professional installation of your JuiceBox (in select CA areas only - see description) 
  11. Add resulting combination to the Cart

Join thousands of our happy customers:

  1. “I finished installing it and it works great. You can add Ford CMAX Energi to your list of vehicles.” Tony, Denver, Colorado
  2. “We are from Europe, and are very happy with this product. We want to order a DC charger. We have 2012 and 2013 Nissan leaf models.” Kęstutis, Marijampolė, Lithuania
  3. "I am very happy to report JuiceBox is working and is charging my Prius as I write this." Scott, North Port, Florida

Read 50+ more testimonials and check our 4.7 rating on Amazon.


Car models JuiceBox™ is known to work well with: Nissan LEAF, BMW i series, Chevy Volt, Fiat 500e, Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Focus Electric, Ford Fusion Energi, Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid, Kia Soul EV, Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Cadillac ELR, Chevrolet Spark EV, Porsche Plug-in Hybrids, Smart Electric Drive, Tesla Model S, Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, Volkswagen E-Golf. 

All other makes and models should be compatible, as well, as JuiceBox implements a standard J1772 charging protocol adopted by all EV manufacturers.